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Bernard is in the UK until early February. Please continue to pray for the work.


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Christmas 2009

The road is very bad now, some of the local and seasoned drivers cannot travel on it, so it looks as though we are isolated in this area of about 65 kilometres.
We had a good day with the children,we went to church this morning, our Sunday school kids choir sang really well and all recited their memory verses. One lad, Kaumba recited eight verses long from the AV bible without error, some said they would like have the children’s choir sing every Lord’s day.
We held our party at 2:00 pm in the chota at the orphan village, 120 kids attended, it was a great time, I closed in prayer after 6:00 pm, it was a great blessing.
Well Christmas blessings and a happy new year to all,
Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Bernard and Joyce.

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Safely Home

Bernard and Joyce have arrived back at the village safely. While away, the vehicle’s steering rack was broken entailing a very costly repair/ replacement of it.

Thankfully the repair has been carried out successfully.

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Bernard thanks God  that Africa is changing him.

Thankfulness for the Lord providing daily needs.

Joyce continues to run a Pre school/ Toddler Nursery in the vilage. The sand and a finger are their paper and pencil for writing letters . Up to sixty children attend, some of the locals are amazed because it’s free. The aim is for the children to be able to read their own Bibles.

Scripture lessons for adults too. Learning Scripture such as the Ten Commandments but more importantly putting into practise its teaching.

Building a meeting room eventually.

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Safe Return

Bernard has arrived back at Ikelenge safely.

They’ve received the things sent in the container from the UK including a sewing machine.

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Bernard is returing to Ikelenge, he’s been working in Lusaka with the Street Kids Project.

He is thankful for th result of the recent election.

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This is a quote from an email from Joyce(the ladies at Witton Chapel pray regularly for the ladies who attend the Bible Study Joyce holds on Mondays, the number of ladies attending the Bible Study is increasing). “Please write and let us know your prayer requests that we may intercede for one another,we all need to pray for each other we have the same God and we know He not only hears our prayers,but He is a faithful God He answers us.”

I think it’s wonderful that christians wherever they are in this world are always able to pray .

The rain season should start towards the end of October, so now that the building work is done, the farming takes priority.

Please pray:

For the children in the village.

For the Farm work.

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