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No recent prayer letters from Bernard.

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Bernard has been back to the UK recently. He should be back in Zambia by now.

His main concerns for prayer were:

1.The up-coming Presidential election in Zambia, that the one elected would continue to allow freedom to worship and evangelize.

2. That there would be real spiritual fruit in the youth, the young ones are receptive to the Gospel but the teenagers turn away.That the Lord would work in the hearts of the men he is in contact with.

3. That Joyce and Bernard would continue to know the Lord’s strength, help and protection as they care for the children.


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October 2010 News

First we thank all at Witton for the lovely parcels you sent us everything is very good and as the road will not be repaired this year we will surely need the items you all sent us; it was a very sensible mixture of food stuffs, according to our needs. Some of the road has been repaired but that is at the furthest end from our base, so we keep on praying and trusting in the LORD.

It’s been a couple of months of mixed blessings. Last Saturday I held the first men’s Bible study at, 13.00 hours in the Workshop at Fisher’s farm, ten attended; I felt I had to lay a strong foundation as these men go to various churches. I started with Genesis: 1.1, to show that all scripture is GOD inspired, and points to JESUS CHRIST. We had a blessed time and I have been handing out Bibles to men and women who can read English. It was a strange blessing to think that an ignoramus like me was evangelising on the family home ground of the first missionaries the Fisher family.

I want use some of the sermons from Witton and others, as we don’t get preachers out here only “speakers,” we need good expository preaching. Please pray for this work it’s very important that we get these local men spreading the “WORD,” they can do much better than any white Westerner, and the English Bible is a better translation than the Lunda one as  many words cannot be fully translated into Lunda; besides this all the cities of Zambia speak English.

A very sad story now, concerning one year old Sophia. Joyce’s niece, Sophia’s mother was working in Lusaka at a Catholic Convent for orphans I think. The baby was sick with malaria, taken to hospital, and given medicine. She was sent home but was very poorly and suffering from thrush in the mouth, I obtained some Nystatin from Esther Townsend and applied this every few hours. We took her to hospital; they admitted her because of Malaria and Gastro- enteritis and set up an Intravenous Infusion. She died three days later.

I drove down to collect her little body together with her two aunties and grandmother, people were wailing and crying; we got back to our village and there were hundreds of mourners and many women crying; I’ve never seen anything like it before. Joyce asked me to drive to Mwinilunga  to collect Sophia’s mum who had travelled 16 hours on a bus from Lusaka.  I arrive at Mwinilunga at about 22.00 hours the bus had just docked, her mum was very glad to see me, she did not know her baby was dead. I loaded her luggage onto the car and began the 65 kilometres home, once in the bush I told her that her baby had died about five hours ago; it was horrible. Sophia was buried the next morning. Things carried on as usual afterwards. It was my first close encounter with death here.

Well dear brothers and sisters I hope to write more later this week for various prayer requests.

Every blessing,


Bernard and Joyce.

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We will not able to visit U.K. this year.

The road work has started; they have 60, kilometres left to repair before the rains start in late September.

The pineapples have started to grow, a few are nearly ripe but the main harvest is a few months off yet. We have been clearing the parts of the field that have overgrown, as there has been little maintenance over the past couple of years; we have planted new suckers which should produce fruit next. We have a full 10 hectares of plants now.

Yesterday was a day of mixed blessings, the young mum Gladys, young boy Gift and baby Bestina returned home to their village yesterday. They came to us about 4 months ago. Gift was very ill and Gladys was also in a poor state, they are now well. I drove them home late yesterday afternoon. When we got to the village everyone came running and cheering, they all started thanking me and praising God. I gave Gift to his grandmother and gave him a big HUG; I struggled to fight back the tears. He is a very loving five years old lad I did not want him to go, but I have learned not to hold on to the kids, they must get on with their lives; please pray for this little family.

The car is running well please give thanks to the Lord for your prayers answered.

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It’s been a busy week.

First the president visited our little town Ikelenge, he flew in by helicopter and stayed for about an hour at the invitation of the chieftainess of Ikelenge.

Peter gave the first speech and made requests for the road to be repaired, help to be given to the small pineapple farmers and for the town to be declared a sub B.O.M.A., which means to have status as an official town with all the infrastructure that is needed, e.g.proper communications, post office modern medical centre etc.

I had a surprise visit from a man named Cephas who came to the Lord at a small church where they had asked me to speak about two years ago. while I was speaking he started weeping and said I am a bad sinner. We met in the pastor’s house after the service and he told us about his past life concerning his marriage and an affair with another woman. He thought he was too sinful to be forgiven. I told him “though your sins be as scarlet Jesus will make them as white as snow,” that no matter what he’d done if he repented the Lord will forgive and so on. Well he is still walking with the Lord, his smile was beaming , he is now a deacon in that little church. What a Saviour!

Sunday night I woke up with a terrible toothache and stayed awake all that night, I phoned the local dentist working at Kalene hospital, who told me to take antibiotic tablets for three days and then she would deal with the problem tooth, which had broken off well up into the upper gum. I suffered for three days and finally I prayed that all would go well as I must say I am a coward concerning DENTISTS!!!!! She was a Zambian lady from Lusaka, my dear friend Maurice took me into the surgery and introduced me, I knew the Lord was upholding me, she did a perfect job and I had no bleeding or long term pain afterwards. The next day I would not have known that I’d had a tooth  removed the day before, What a Saviour!!!



Every blessing, Bernard and Joyce.

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As  most of you know, Bernard visited the U.K. from January to February. The prayer letters/ e.mails update regularly. It’s interesting to follow the progress of the work.

When the work began, Bernard envisaged having livestock. It’s clear from the letters and from talking to Bernard that livestock farming was economically unsustainable so the Pineapple farm is the most recent venture.

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Prayer e.mails

Bernard and Joyce are e.mailing a newsletter/ prayer letter each month. The previous ones can be read from the link in the Home Page. Future letters will be published in Posts .

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