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Bernard has been back to the UK recently. He should be back in Zambia by now.

His main concerns for prayer were:

1.The up-coming Presidential election in Zambia, that the one elected would continue to allow freedom to worship and evangelize.

2. That there would be real spiritual fruit in the youth, the young ones are receptive to the Gospel but the teenagers turn away.That the Lord would work in the hearts of the men he is in contact with.

3. That Joyce and Bernard would continue to know the Lord’s strength, help and protection as they care for the children.


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Joyce is travelling from Ikelenge to Lusaka over the next few days. She travelled to the Copperbelt as a motor-bike passenger. Bernard asks for prayer for her safety as she has at least a further eight hours travelling before arriving in Lusaka.

Bernard returns to Zambia this Wednesday 1oth February, please pray for a safe journey for him too.

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Bernard is in the UK until early February. Please continue to pray for the work.

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For prayer

Witton have receive a letter from Bernard and Joyce, here are some of the needs to pray about.

Thankful for the tapes of good sound preaching that a missionary gave to Bernard.

Communications are very frustrating, mobile internet gadgets no longer works and Bernard has to travel about 2 miles to get a mobile phone signal.

Strength to keep going in the work. Both Bernard and Joyce are very busy.

Continued oppurtunities to bring the Gospel to the people.

Living out God’s word before people.

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This is a quote from an email from Joyce(the ladies at Witton Chapel pray regularly for the ladies who attend the Bible Study Joyce holds on Mondays, the number of ladies attending the Bible Study is increasing). “Please write and let us know your prayer requests that we may intercede for one another,we all need to pray for each other we have the same God and we know He not only hears our prayers,but He is a faithful God He answers us.”

I think it’s wonderful that christians wherever they are in this world are always able to pray .

The rain season should start towards the end of October, so now that the building work is done, the farming takes priority.

Please pray:

For the children in the village.

For the Farm work.

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The building work has been completed.

Two orphans aged 11 and 12 years , who are HIV Positive have come to be cared for; the local Community Officer brought them. Two more children whose mum has Mental Health problems have come too. Bernard asks for prayer for the children as well as for a little boy with Epilepsy who was burned after falling into a fire.

Joyce has started a Toddler Nursery in the larger house which has been built. I think it’s used for the nursery in the day when the children spend time away from the house- the houses are to sleep in. about twenty children come and Joyce is planning to start a Mums and Toddlers’ Group.

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Yesterday evening we received a text message from Bernard to say the truck had broken down about 400 kilometres from the village. Joyce is out there in the bush, not sure if she’s on her own. As of 4.30pm today we still haven’t heard whether she’s safe.

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