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October 2011

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your support over these last few weeks, we have had many trials, we depend on your prayer support and of course God’s answers to prayers. All is well with the children and thank God for their continued good health.
The rains have been late this year and the wells have dried up early, we may not see water in the wells until January. It became hard for us as the vehicle was off the road for a couple of months; we rely on the car when the wells dry up because we have to drive two miles each way to the Sekaji river for water, for cooking, drinking, bathing, and washing clothes. We take the children down to the river to bath, all the clothes for washing on the stones on the river bank. One day last week we had one 20 litre container between 40 people and children. God answers our prayers both here and in the U.K., we managed to get the car repaired and back  in action, we still have trouble with car’s electrics but we can use it to get to the river. We collect 10×20 litres containers a trip, sometimes three times a day, so thank you all for your practical support and prayers. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!

Work has begun on the new dormitory building, it’s 100 foot long by 14 foot wide and will house 40 children. The foundation is of granite stone from the river and  large, heavy red bricks 12″x6″x6″ baked in local kilns, the roof will be constructed from iron sheets. The problem we have with the existing houses is that they were constructed of soft brick and straw with mud and sand for mortar and inside plaster on the walls; they have to be repaired frequently. The termites are eating it all faster than we can replace. PLEASE PRAY FOR THE COMPLETION OF THIS WORK

The spiritual work still going well, Joyce is now going through the life of David in the ladies’ Bible study and has seen an increase in the attendance. It has been very encouraging .

The Sunday School work is going well. At the summer camp Joyce saw over 3,000 children and many came to faith in the Lord. Two Saturdays ago we held a children’s Gospel meeting in our own chapel, we had a visiting evangelist puppeteer from Atlantic City U.S.A. it was very good, after he left more kids came in, there were about 150 kids. Joyce took over
for about one hour and half, they did not want go home and 19 made a profession of faith  one boy and eighteen girls, Joyce and another lady counselled them and we will follow through these next few weeks. The head master from Sekaji Christian Mission school was there and said “he was amazed at the good behaviour and attendance”.

Joyce has two meetings this Sunday one in the morning and a youth meeting in the afternoon. PLEASE PRAY THE LORD BLESS THESE MEETINGS!

Lastly pineapples! As the rains are late this year the harvest is slow but as the rains are more frequent now we hope for a blessed harvest. PLEASE PRAY FOR A BUMPER HARVEST .

Every blessing to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord,


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September 2011

Hello friends from a very hot Zambia. We are waiting for the rains which should be here any time now. Even the local people are struggling in the heat.  I have now settled down from my U.K.trip, I enjoyed it very much, thank you all for your Christian hospitality.

We have the car back in the garage now, after the mechanic’s inspection he found all r/hand ball joints have shot. We started up the engine, to hear an enormous clatter and banging, we tried the clutch and could not engage any of the gears-the clutch plate or pressure plate is broken. All these things were renewed three months ago, they were Chinese spares not Toyota parts. At least the vehicle is in from the bush after being there for three days and nights. Please pray concerning our poor car.

Good news!!! we sold our first load of pineapples,(2000) fruits and drew cash K / 2,000,000, or in sterling £ 260-00,the harvest has been slow this year due to a long dry spell. Please pray and give thanks for this blessing.

The wells are drying up in the area we are very low now. Our nearest supply is two miles away. We normally load our car with 20 litre plastic containers to collect water from the river but because the car is broken are unable to do this. We take the washing down to the river to wash the clothes, and in the past when the wells have been dry, we have taken the children to bath in the river. Please pray for water supply(RAIN).

We must start work on the foundations for the new dormitory building, as the old ones need so many repairs. It has been decided to replace them as they are only the standard village house of unburnt brick and grass roof. The termites are eating through the bricks and the roofs need replacing with new grass, but the grass is running short due to farming. We hope build a 30 metre long building to house 40 children using granite stone from the river , burnt bricks and tin roof. We have to start the footings now  as the rains need to harden them off, then we will build on this foundation in the coming dry season. Please pray for this building project.

We do value prayers always,

Every blessing, Bernard and Joyce.

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Dear Friends, another year has passed, we thank you for your prayer support throughout the year. We have had difficulties and trials, but the LORD has heard you and answered positively.

Things have got harder for the poor in Zambia; the world recession has hit us even here in the bush. The number of poor families has risen and the malnourished kids and orphans always seem to be at the lowest end of the pecking order, but we have received some gifts and we thank God for all He lays upon the hearts of many brothers and sisters to help these poor kids and families, so we that have been able to get by this past year.

All the children have been well, apart from the usual tummy bug and colds,we have had help from local mission nurses on odd occasion. Some of the children returned to their village homes in the bush and often pay us a return visit. So, all in all it’s been a good year, praise the LORD.

Please pray God would do a work of revival out here, we don’t see many children coming to faith. There are many claims here and there, but for the amount of Sunday schools and churches it is very sparse and claims are unreliable. There arevery few youths attending churches, they seem to fall away after leaving Sunday School. The number of young school girls becoming pregnant is increasing and no one seems to be affected or show little concern, this is adding to the number of orphans and social problems here.

Christmas this year was very quiet as usual, the opposite to what you see in the Western world. I gave the message on Christmas morning service and again on the next day (we don’t have Boxing day). After the service I was asked to drive to Kalene Mission Hospital to collect a young mother and her dead baby, I brought them back to Ikelenge. The babe was buried that afternoon.We had four deaths that week, death is a part of usual life in this place.

If you could see and hear the children laughing and playing without toys and luxury food for feasting it’s good to see them

just naturally content you wonder at it. We gave the children new clothes on Christmas morning before going to church, when we returned we gave them a plastic bag each within had an orange, a banana, a bag of crisps and lollipop, they were thrilled and excited, we had a combined Sunday school and orphan village party in the afternoon, we cooked boiled rice and local beans then home-made doughnuts and orange squash, the singing was a pure delight.

Thanks to all who sent Christmas cards, they help brighten up the place during these gloomy wet days, the rains are very heavy, the road is not too bad at  present, we hope and pray it will like that throughout the next three months.

So dear friends, please pray as you are led in thanksgiving and supplications, you are all in our prayers, in the ladies prayer and bible study on Mondays and in our

daily morning devotions time,

Every blessing for the new year to all our friends,


Bernard and Joyce

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Hello dear praying friends,

Things are moving now! The road is being repaired and they seem to be moving fast, we had over one thousand pineapples ready for picking; Joyce has taken them down to Ndola in the Copper belt; she went on a hired lorry with Gift our son and her brother Rogger, this is cause for praise.

I’ve handed out many NKJ Bibles to English speaking local church elders and deacons, they are very pleased to have these Bibles as the Lunda Bible is very shallow and has neither maps, concordance nor centre reference margin. The Bibles Castlefields Chapel sent are ideal and a true Godsend, they see things more clearly and are able to share with their individual churches, the Bibles help to improver their English too.

I’ve been having some good conversations  with these men on scripture and doctrine, we need good old expository preaching in this area.  All this is cause for praise and thanksgiving. Please pray that this work of the LORD will continue.

It’s also been good to be able to do the secular work, fabricating , welding, teaching youngsters

and having opportunities for biblical conversations. I can truly say “Oh LORD how great thou art!”

We have a good water supply at present and the veggie garden is coming on well.

Please could any one send seeds for root vegetables such as parsnips, swedes, turnips, carrots; we are able to  get cauliflower, broccoli and tomatoes, I want introduce the children to these good root vegetables. We now have access to manure, which is a great advantage as the soil here is very poor.

The children’s work is going very well, I thank the LORD I’m able give a gospel message most evenings, it always includes repentance; and the Lord’s work of salvation, they understand that they cannot save themselves. They are very clear on these major points, I don’t spend a lot time on singing choruses, the gospel message is the focus.

Joyce is going with our Sunday school to the annual camp, this is three days and nights in the bush, teaching and singing, may God bless their time and keep them safe.

So dear friends, there is much to pray for in thanksgiving and supplications: Philippians 4 verse 6, Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Thank you all for your support and prayers,


Bernard and Joyce.

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Mid April 2010

Dear friends,

We thank you all for your prayers, we rely on them so much, and they were answered in many ways.

I had to go down to Lusaka three weeks ago to collect my work permit; I sat around for just over a week, enquiring every day, it took me three days to get down to the capital, due to the state of the roads. I was away for over two weeks and there was no hope of getting back home as the road to Ikelenge was cut off due to continued heavy rains. I obtained my work permit at 3pm on the Thursday and a dear Christian offered me a lift back to Ikelenge in his plane, I got home in 2 1/4 hours, praise the Lord.

All the children are well, the feeding program seems to be working very well. We put soya in every meal that’s three meals a day. We want to introduce soya to the women in the villages. We took in a young single mum called Gladys who has two boys. one year old the other five years old. The five year old’s name is Gift, he was very ill his breathing was very fast and he had a high temperature and was unconscious, his face and stomach were very bloated. I was alone, I gave him liquid Panadol which he responded to after a while and after two weeks he was as fit as a fiddle. He is still with us until we think he can go back to his village.

We hope the road will be repaired as soon as the rains stop. We are told the president will be flying out to Ikelenge on Wednesday , it’s unusual because it’s only a very small village in the bush, let’s pray that the Lord lays it on his heart to get the road repaired soon!

The ladies’ bible study is still well attended, there two new-comers. Joyce has to attend a seminar for Sunday school teachers as all teachers have to hold a certificate now as law and must be registered.

Please pray. Giving thanks for prayers answered and pray for God’s continued blessing on His work.

Every blessing to all our praying friends, yours in HIM

Bernard and Joyce.

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January- February 2010

Dear Friends,

We have combined two months prayer requests as I have been in the U.K. for four weeks.

My return was somewhat hazardous for the last 65 kilometres, Joyce was with me, the road has had no maintenance over the last year or so and we are in the middle of the rain season. We were bogged down for two hours in a pouring rain storm; the car was loaded and leaning sideways 45 degrees. I thought we were really in the mire and going deeper with the heavy rain. It was getting dark and we were in the middle of the bush. Seven guys got us out after 2 hours; it took us 6 hours to get through that last 65 kilometres.

We thank you for your prayers as we know people were praying for us that week. We thank you for all your prayers.

All our children are safe and healthy, the health and welfare of our children is always paramount here. The chapel is finished and we held the first two meetings on Sunday at 10am and 2pm, all went very well.
Joyce had a good attendance at the ladies Bible study and prayer meeting. The nursery is going well.

The Maize is growing very well; but bad news about the pineapples, most of the crop for this month has been lost, the fruit is rotting in the field because no lorries have come to collect the harvest. It is important that the pineapple farm is a success as it would make the mission self sustaining and we could feed more malnourished families. We feed over 30 children and there are many that could be reached with food, clothing and most importantly the Gospel because they all go together.

In the villages they need things like soap and repairs to their simple dwellings, we in the west take all these things for granted we don’t realise the daily needs until we are without them.

We are asking friends to pray for the Lord to provide a lorry, a 3 to 4 tonner so we can take our own goods to markets in the Congo and elsewhere. We can’t afford more losses like those of the past few weeks.

Please pray for the:
• Continued planting of new suckers for next season’s harvest.
• The continuing work the Gospel with the children.
• The continued good health of the children.

Thank you all for your support please feel free to e-mail it good to hear from you.

Every blessing Bernie and Joyce.

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